Unconstitutional Immigration Bill Passes Senate

immigration bill

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On Thursday, June 27th, the U.S. Senate passed the immigration bill that was put together by the “Gang of Eight.”  The bill is over 1200 pages and virtually no one has read the entire bill.  You know how that worked out for us with Obamacare.  Over the next few months, we will find out about all kinds of things hiding inside this bill.

Senator Ted Cruz has already turned up one loophole that should be offensive to every American.  He found a provision in the bill that imposes a penalty, on U.S. employers for hiring U.S. citizens and U.S. permanent residents. This bill says if an employer hires a citizen or a legal immigrant, the IRS can impose a $5,000 penalty on that employer. But if the employer instead hires someone with RPI [registered provisional immigrant] status, that penalty will go away. That is utterly and completely indefensible.”

He went on to talk about the outcome this provision will cause, “Nobody in this body wants to see African-American unemployment go up. Nobody wants to see Hispanic unemployment go up, youth unemployment go up, union household unemployment go up, legal immigrant unemployment go up. Yet every one of those will happen if this Gang of Eight bill passes without fixing this problem.”

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Every Democrat in the Senate voted for the bill that provides defacto amnesty for millions of illegal aliens with only empty promises about border security.  Here are 14 Republican traitors who joined them:

  • Lamar Alexander
  • Kelly Ayotte
  • Jeffrey Chiesa
  • Susan Collins
  • Bob Corker
  • Jeff Flake
  •  Lindsay Graham
  • Orrin Hatch
  • Dean Heller
  • John Hoeven
  • Mark Kirk
  • John McCain
  • Lisa Murkowski
  • Marco Rubio

Take a moment right now to send an email to both of your US Senators and thank them if they voted against the bill or share your outrage with them for voting for it.  Take Action Central on our partner website makes it easy to contact both in just a couple of minutes.

My Personal Email Message to My US Senators

Below is the email message that I sent to my two turn-coat senators. I STRONGLY ENCOURAGE you to contact your elected representatives too:

Dear Senator,

The American people clearly want the border to be secured before any consideration of amnesty being given to people currently residing illegally in this country.  The bill you just voted for provides defacto amnesty with only empty promises on border security.  Past history shows border security promises will not be fulfilled while providing amnesty will only entice a massive new wave of illegal immigrants to cross our borders.  

This immigration bill is over 1,200 pages in length and there is no way that you can honestly tell me that you took the time to read it. But why would you?… that would mean that you were actually doing your job.

Please show me where in the United States Constitution you had the authority to vote for this reprehensible bill?

You have sold out the people of TN and you have sold out the American people for your own personal and political gain.

I am done with you!

I am done with the republican party!

And I am done with corrupt and arrogant politicians like you!

I am outraged at the way you voted on this bill and will remember this when it is my turn to vote on your reelection.  You sir, have just committed political suicide and We the People are going to clean house in Washington in the next election.


[End of email message]

Let me also encourage you to post this information on your Facebook or Twitter and share it with your friends, neighbors, people at your church, or wherever you can.  If our legislators don’t hear from constituents now, it will make it that much easier to pass in the House.

For Liberty,
Mike W.
The Patriot Watchmen


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