The Truth Behind the Libyan Terrorist Attacks

The Truth Behind the Libyan Terrorist AttacksThe Obama Administration is denying that the attacks on our U.S. embassy in Libya and the brutal murders of  4 American citizens on the anniversary of 09/11 was a coordinated terrorist attack.  While the overwhelming evidence clearly shows that it was a carefully planned and coordinated terrorist attack.

White House Spokesman, Jay Carney says the attacks are in response to an anti-Muslim video that’s been on YouTube for more than a month – a video that no one has seen by the way.  This is clearly an attempt to save political face right before the presidential election in November.

The truth is that the 57 Muslim countries from around the world want to force the rest of the world to be compliant with their religious laws which is called Sharia Law.  They want even non-Muslims like us to have to follow their laws.

Folks, we (the United States) are not the problem, the problem is with Muslims who are demanding that we follow their religious laws.  This isn’t about being intolerant of Muslims because in our country we believe in true religious tolerance.  It doesn’t matter if you are a Christian, a Jew, Hindu, Catholic or Muslim, we tolerate everyone and their religious beliefs.  It’s a very different view than that of Islam and as a result it has very serious consequences.

The U.S. State Department headed by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has sided with the Islamic countries in drafting U.N. Resolution: 1618 which essentially criminalizes free speech by saying that you cannot say ANYTHING negative about Islam.  Not any other religion… just Islam.  In that case, isn’t that government showing religious preference?

What is most troubling is that immediately after the terrorist attacks against our embassy in Libya the first thing the Obama administration did was to apologize for hurting Muslim feelings  and tell everyone else that they can’t say anything against Islam.  Wait a minute!  weren’t we the ones who got attacked?  Weren’t our citizens brutally murdered in the streets of Libya?  Wasn’t our embassy burned to the ground?  Wasn’t our flag torn down and desecrated?

Then why the Hell are we apologizing?

Christians are mocked, belittled and persecuted all the time in the U.S. and we don’t go out and attack people and kill them for saying things that hurt our feelings or offend us.  That’s the difference between Islam and Christianity.  Christians forgive people who offend them  while Muslims kill people who offend them.

I’m offended that Muslims flew planes into our World Trade Center buildings and the Pentagon and killed over 3,000 innocent Americans.  I’m offended that Muslims kill our soldiers every day.  Has anyone from the Muslim community apologized for that?  No!

Islamists say that they want to send a MILLION Jihadists into Jerusalem and that Jews should sleep with their eyes open.  They fully intend to destroy Israel and the United States.  There is terrible and extremely violent hate speech coming from the Muslim community towards Christians and Jews every day.  These barbaric savages only want one thing and that’s total Islamic domination of the world.

And guess what America… they’re not apologizing for it!

Mitt Romney was 100% right when he said in response to the Libyan terrorist attacks that we don’t apologize to them for attacking our embassy and killing our citizens and for desecrating our flag.

They are doing wrong by us and we should respond in force by letting the U.S. Marines wipe those savages out.  Anyone that pokes their head over our embassy wall gets his head blown off.  Anybody that breeches our embassy gate gets mowed down by our Marines.

The real problem is that the Obama Administration’s apology to the Islamists for attacking us in Libya shows their true stance on foreign policy.  Let’s not forget what Barack Obama said in his own book, ‘The Audacity of Hope’, “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”Page 261.  The other Muslim countries know that Obama is weak and they are now being emboldened by our weak foreign policy and they are rising up in force and taking full advantage of it.

Barack Obama and his administration are now abiding by U.N. Resolution:  1618 and they are refusing to say anything negative against Islam… at the expense of American lives and American dignity.

This President’s weakness and passivity is getting Americans killed!

This has to stop!

We need a Commander & Chief… not a chief apologizer.

Watch Michelle Bachmann explain the real problem
with Islam on the Mike Huckabee Show


The one thing that we must make clear to the world is that we must NEVER elevate Islamic Sharia Law above the United States Constitution.  We WON’T abide by Sharia Law we will abide by our Constitution!

Our Constitution gives us freedom of speech and our government isn’t to prefer one religion over another.  But when our government says that we can’t say anything against Islam… that means that they are preferring Islam.  Why should we as a country be sensitive to the feelings of Muslims over our own beliefs and way of life?

We can’t do that as a country.

This kind of political correctness must stop or we will lose our identity as a nation.


When will you wake up America and realize that Islam is NOT a religion of peace but rather a violent, hate-filled, centuries old cult bent on world domination. The word “Islam” means SUBMISSION. You can’t negotiate or make “friends” with people who only want to force violent and oppressive Sharia Law upon the world and kill or enslave everyone who isn’t a Muslim.

The cancer of Islam must be stopped from spreading any further throughout the world.  It must be destroyed before it infects the world and kills us all.



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