The 2nd Amendment and Liberals


I wonder, what the fathers of our nation would have said about civilians owning military-grade weapons that can shoot a hundred rounds in a minute?

Surely there is no need for a civilian to hold that kind of firepower in their hands. In fact, why should anyone have that much power over another human being?

I can’t come up with one good reason that a person would need anything more than a handgun or rifle for “safety.”  I think only the police and military should have that much firepower.


When the founding fathers wrote the Constitution and Bill of Rights, they wanted to ensure that all people were equal… equal with each other and equal with the government.

Yes, when this was all written, people only had muskets… but do you know who else only had muskets?  The government.

We had just finished overthrowing a tyrannical government in order to become a free nation, and the founders, who literally helped fight in that war, wanted the American people to have equal footing with whatever government took over, in order to prevent tyranny if necessary
once again.

The 2nd Amendment was meant to keep people on the same level as the government, so that they could fight for their rights if necessary.  They were completely aware that technology would change, but they wanted Americans to be able to stand up for themselves.

How does one do that?

By having the same level of weaponry as the government!

Finally, do you think that civilians should not be able to have guns that can shoot a hundred rounds in a minute giving them power over other people but that police and military should have that kind of firepower over U.S. civilians?

That sounds like a tyrannical dictatorship to me.

The people should never fear the government but the government should always fear the people.

The Second Amendment clearly states “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”  Emphasis on the words, “SHALL NOT”.

– Mike W.
The Patriot Watchmen


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