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Only 90 Days Left to Fire Obama and Take America Back!

Dear American Patriots, In just 90 days, you will go to the polls to decide our nation’s future. Will you fire Barack Obama? Will you elect the fiscally conservative Senate we need to tackle our government’s spending addiction? Will you re-elect principled legislators in the House? That All Depends on You… Obama has put our […]

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Obama’s Plan to Destroy America and Rule Through Communism – Exposed!

Yes,  Wayne Allyn Root’s statement below has been  “Correctly Attributed”. See Snopes link below. Wayne Allyn Root is one of the most dynamic, charismatic, colorful, passionate, fiery, and outspoken Libertarian-conservative political personalities in America today. He is a best-selling author of 7 books, a regular guest on FOX News Channel, as well as hundreds of […]

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