Only 90 Days Left to Fire Obama and Take America Back!

Defeat Obama 2012Dear American Patriots,

In just 90 days, you will go to the polls to decide our nation’s future. Will you fire Barack Obama? Will you elect the fiscally conservative Senate we need to tackle our government’s spending addiction? Will you re-elect principled legislators in the House?

That All Depends on You…

Obama has put our nation’s and our children’s future in jeopardy. Wasting trillions of dollars on socialized medicine schemes, blatant kick-backs to political donors, politically-motivated, failed “green energy” projects… what happened to America?

It’s time for Americans to FIRE OBAMA. It’s time we stand up and say NO to the “fundamental transformation” of our country from a beacon of freedom to a cheap imitation of European-style socialism.

The President has failed us, but we can restore America if we FIRE OBAMA.

The diligent support of great American patriots like you means we can win big on Election Day.  But we have just 90 days to do it.  Please click here to register to vote right now.


We have just 90 days left to stop four more years of Barack Obama. The first four years gave us:

  • bank bailouts
  • failed stimulus plans
  • government-run healthcare
  • and job-killing regulations.

We cannot afford another four years of Obama.

Flip the Senate!

We have just 90 days left to flip the Senate and fire Harry Reid. Beating Barack Obama is only part of the solution. If we don’t elect a fiscally conservative Senate that can rein in spending, cut budget deficits, and tackle our $16 trillion debt, then we won’t be able to return America to fiscal sanity.

Harry Reid and his cohorts in the Senate have done little more than put our country further in debt, push through a radical takeover of our health care system and launch an unprecedented regulatory assault on American jobs. Reid and his allies haven’t even passed a budget in over three years. Talk about a dereliction of duty.

The truth is, we must Flip the Senate if we are to end the Democrats attack on freedom and fiscal sanity. But that’s not good enough, we must have a fiscally conservative Senate that is willing to make the hard choices and restore America.

Defend the House!

And finally, we have just 90 days left to defend the principled House members we elected in 2010. Representatives like Allen West of Florida, Tim Scott of South Carolina, Steve King of Iowa, and scores more being targeted by the DCCC and liberal SuperPACs.

In 2010, massive conservative victories all across America flipped the House and sent a clear message from We the People: Washington needs to stop the spending and the Left’s “fundamental transformation” of America.

Now we must defend and grow our majority.

Defending the conservative majority is absolutely necessary. The House has done more real work than all other branches combined;

  • passing spending cuts
  • repealing the Democrats’ government takeover of health care
  • and protecting our wallets from the big spenders

Firing Barack Obama, flipping the Senate, and defending House members—these are the keys to our plan to Take America Back in 2012. We have an unprecedented grassroots network across America that can get it done. But we need your help today—with just 90 days until Election Day—to do it.

The Chick-Fil-A Effect

America, you were willing to stand in line for hours at Chick-Fil-A to show your support for free speech and biblical family values.  On November 6th, 2012 will you be willing to take a stand against anti-American, anti-family, anti-life, anti-success, anti-business, anti-religious, anti-freedom, and anti-Christ radicals who are hell-bent on turning government into god and controlling every aspect of your life?

Register to vote now and VOTE to let YOUR VOICE be heard for freedom in the House, Senate and presidential election of 2012.

Let’s take America back!

– Mike Wilson
Patriot Watchmen


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