Obama’s Nuclear Deal With Iran Will Kill You

Obama's Nuclear Deal With Iran

If Congress votes to approve Obama’s Iranian Nuclear deal then Barack Obama and the USA will be the world’s largest sponsor of radical Islamic terrorism. That’s right, we, the American people will literally be paying people who hate us to kill us.

We will be paying other people to kill our own soldiers and our own citizens. We will be paying Iran to attack and kill Israeli soldiers and citizens. All funded will our tax dollars…

America, your own government led by Barack Obama is about to hire Iran to build a nuclear bomb and kill us all. Iran just declared yesterday that they will wipe Israel off the map within a few years and that that they will also destroy America.

The more Americans learn about this insane and demonic nuclear deal with Iran, the more they hate it. Multiple polls have shown only about 25% of Americans support the deal. Who can blame them?

  • Secret side deals that no one in our government has read
  • Iran being responsible for inspecting their own nuclear sites for non-compliance
  • Giving Iran 24 days notice before the “anytime, anywhere” inspections can occur
  • $150 billion dollars of your money given to Iran up front that will be used to support terrorism

And the list goes on, and on, and on!

TAKE ACTION ALERT! Contact Your Elected Representatives Now

Click this link now to send a prewritten email message to your Representatives and let your voice for our freedom and national security be heard today: http://pointofview.net/take-action/oppose-the-iranian-nuclear-deal/

Iranian Leader Chants “Death To America!”


What we knew about the Iran agreement in the beginning was bad enough. Now it seems that almost every day there is a new revelation regarding what is contained in the secret side-agreements.

First we discovered the anywhere, anytime inspections must be given advance approval by Iran. Then we learned none of the inspectors could be from America, followed by the revelation that Iran had to approve of each inspector before allowing them to enter the country. Now we learn that for at least on site, Iran will provide its own inspector!

There are still significant portions of the agreement that, according to Secretary of State John Kerry, no one in our government has read. How could anyone agree to a deal like that?

And on top of all that, Barack Obama has made no provisions in this deal to release the American hostages who are currently being held prisoner and tortured daily by Iran. Obama has abandoned them and left them to rot in Iranian torture camps.

My Fellow Patriots, I call out to you to contact your Senators and House Representative immediately and insist that they oppose this agreement and use the full power of their office to ensure Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran  is never enacted.

Click this link to easily and quickly send a prewritten email message to your Representatives and tell them to stop this suicidal deal with Iran today:


Please, it only takes a few minutes to do this and it is a matter of life and death for us all.

Take a stand now and sound the alarm for liberty.

May God have Mercy on America.

Mike W.
Patriot Watchmen

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