Obama’s Healthcare Reform Destroys Your Freedom to Worship

Healthcare Reform Destroys Your Freedom to WorshipThe healthcare reform law passed and the individual mandate was ruled constitutional.

That means the government has a right to force you to buy insurance or make you pay a penalty for not having it.

This is understood to fall under the “Commerce Clause” which says the government can regulate trade and the government views the mandate to buy insurance as a TAX.  In short, if you aren’t purchasing insurance you are making prices increase.  You are also making prices increase if you don’t have insurance and you get into an accident and force everyone else to pay for your medical costs.  If you have insurance, more money is in the system to take care of the costs and since you are paying for something you might not need, the cost will be lower due to all the money you are already paying into the system.

According to liberalism this is called “paying your fare share.”

 How Does the Government Insure You Pay This Tax? 

They raid you bank account if you don’t file proof of insurance with your taxes.  The IRS will take money out of your bank account without your consent.

Now here comes the awful truth of the matter…

Healthcare reform was never about “health care”, it was about controlling you and redistribution of your wealth (that means the government takes money you have worked for and gives it away to someone else in the name of fairness, equality and social justice).  It is also about replacing religion with the image of the almighty government (keep reading).

But it gets much, much worse!

If the federal government can fine you for not having something that may or may not affect commerce, how soon before they penalize you for having too much money?  Too much money in your savings account is affecting commerce, because you aren’t spending it.


So now the government can say that you are affecting commerce by not spending your savings, so they will penalize you and take money out of your savings account (they can now do it because of the Healthcare Reform Act) and give it to someone who they say needs it and they will spend it where the government feels it needs to be spent, thus creating demand and demand creates jobs.

But wait, it gets even worse!

Now the government can mandate that you have a microchip implanted in you that carries your bank records and medical records (this technology already exists and is being tested).  They will say it’s too expensive and cumbersome to use cash money and to always have paper medical files on hand, but it’s easier and cheaper to have a chip on you that does everything electronically.

Again, by having an implant, you’ll make healthcare cost cheaper.

If you don’t get one, they will make you pay a penalty (tax).  You’re affecting healthcare costs and commerce by not having an electronic chip.  They just start adding a larger and larger fee/tax  for using cash money and for not having the chip implant. Doing cash business quickly becomes too expensive using cash money.   Soon everything is done electronically and cash becomes too troublesome since all transactions will be done electronically.

The government will simply quit printing money and make you go completely to electronic funds.

====== Side Note: ===================

You probably already have direct deposit so don’t laugh and you probably already make many, many purchases with your bank card/debit card, so again, don’t laugh.


So now you can’t do business unless you have this chip implanted in your hand or your forehead.  Cash money becomes useless because no one can afford to accept it.  Money will be taken directly out of your account via the microchip because it will have all your banking records on it.  This chip will undoubtedly have a registry number or numerical mark as all chips do.

Cash money turned into cheques, cheques turned into credit cards with electronic strips, credit cards turned into debit cards and debit cards will turn into the microchip implant.

The chip will be planted in your forehead or right hand for uniformity.  If you get into an accident and are unconscious, they just scan your hand or head and learn everything about you and can look at your electronically coded medical records and withdraw from your bank account accordingly in one quick scan.

“He was given power to give breath to the image of the first beast, so that it could speak and cause all who refused to worship the image to be killed.  He also forced everyone, small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on his right hand or on his forehead so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of his name.” ~ Revelation 13:15 – 17

Creepy how some guy over 2,000 years ago could see this happening.  “Healthcare Reform” was never about healthcare, it’s about control.  If I control your money and healthcare, I control you.  Eventually I can rid your faith in God and replace it with faith in government.  If you are a Christian then you know what this means… It’s coming people…. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!

~ By Wendel Conrad

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