Now is the Time to Take America Back!

Take America Back!As you well know, Election Day is Tuesday November 6th. It will be a day that we as a nation go to the polls and decide what direction the American experiment takes next. With 23 million Americans unemployed or unable to find full-time work, the choices made in the voting booth will have serious consequences.

Our great country is at a crossroads with this election. There are two paths before us: one toward European-style socialism and government control of our lives and the other toward freedom, individual responsibility and free markets.

Without a strong turnout this Tuesday November 6th, the former will become America’s future.  During this critical election we will decide just what kind of country we are.  Do you believe that we should be dependent on bureaucrats in Washington to tell us how to live our lives? Or do you believe, like me, that freedom and individual responsibility are the bedrock of a prosperous society?

Now is the Time to Get Active and Show Up at the Polls

If Barack Obama and his liberal allies in Congress are going to be ousted from office, We the People will be the ones to do itAll of our conservative candidates are running in tight races across the country for various Senate seats and they need your vote too. It’s going to take an extra boost of activism to put genuine fiscal conservatives over the top and take our country back from the clutches of socialism.

The future of America rests on all of us to put candidates in office that will put an end to the deficits, the bailouts, the borrowing and the secular oppression of our heritage and liberties. Future generations deserve a country that is free and prosperous.

November 6 will be the day to take back our country but ONLY if YOU show up and VOTE!

See you at the polls.

In Liberty,

Mike W.
The Patriot Watchmen


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