Government Spying on Innocent Americans No Big Deal?

Big Brother 1984If the government cares so much about protecting us from terrorism then why don’t they secure our borders first?  This is the most basic and fundamental thing they can do for our national security.

If the government cares so much about protecting us from terrorism then why don’t they crack down on foreign nationals coming into our country instead of using the TSA to molest American grandmothers and children in the airports?

Some of you have been saying, “What is the big deal that the government has unfettered access to all of our phone conversations, our text messages, our emails, our internet searches  –  including every website you visit, your social media sites and so on?”


What’s the big deal you say?

How about your constitutional right to privacy (the 4th Amendment), free speech (the 1st Amendment) and unlawful search and seizures ( again, the 4th Amendment)?

How about that it’s none of the governments damn business who you talk to on the phone, what websites you visit and who you communicate with via email.

In light of ALL the recent scandals that Barack Obama and his administration have been caught in recently I’d say it is a REALLY BIG DEAL! 

This Government Has Done Nothing
But Lie to Us, Time and Time Again

emergency food supplyThis government lied to the American people about the Fast & Furious gun running scandal.  Do you even know that the Obama administration through the Dept. of Justice and the BATF allowed Mexican drug cartels to buy thousands of guns in the U.S. to use in crimes in Mexico which led to the death of an American border patrol agent and hundreds of innocent Mexican citizens.

All of this was a failed attempt by the Obama Administration to make a false case for stricter gun control laws in America.

This government lied to the American people about U.S. Ambassador, Chris Stevens, and three other Americans being murdered during a terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012. They purposely tried to downplay that it was a terrorist attack and tried to pin the blame on an obscure YouTube video.

This government lied to the American people about using the IRS to stop conservative groups from obtaining their tax exempt status so they could not participate in the 2012 presidential election process.  Do you understand that the government is using the unlimited power of the IRS to attack and intimidate innocent people whom they disagree with politically?  This should both scare the hell out of you and make you very angry at the same time.

This government lied to the American people about illegally obtaining the phone records of reporters in the media including the AP and Fox News.  The Obama Administration has been spying on the media for their own political gain and using this information against them.

So you’ll just have to excuse the hell out of me if I don’t trust this totally corrupt, unconstitutional and tyrannical government with my personal information.

They Are Not Spying on Terrorists, They Are Spying on US

If spying on all American citizens helps to prevent terrorist attacks in America then why weren’t they able to stop the recent Boston Marathon bombing?  Instead of acting on real intelligence warnings from at least one other nation (Russia) about the dangers the Tsarnaev brothers posed, they were too busy secretly sifting through the phone and email records of hundreds of millions of Americans.

Instead of unreasonably turning every American into a target for spying, they should be focusing on only the truly dangerous people in our country.

But hey, that wouldn’t be politically correct would it?

If spying on all American citizens helps to prevent terrorist attacks then why weren’t they unable to stop Major Nidal Hasan from shooting and killing 13 of his fellow soldiers and wounding 32 others at Fort Hood, TX all while he was shouting, “allah akbar”?

Why were they unable to catch the underwear bomber before he tried to blow up the plane he was flying on? The only reason he wasn’t successful was because his bomb failed to detonate and the passengers stopped him… not the government.

Who is Watching the Watchers?

Who is looking at your personal information and exactly what are they doing with it?  And worse yet, what could they possibly do with it?

How long until these spying capabilities suffer some “mission creep” and they start using the GPS feature in your phone to track whether or not you go to gun shows?

What if you go to the “wrong” church? Or read emails from or attend the rallies of the “wrong” candidate.

What if you donate money to a group like the NRA via the phone or internet?  “Big Brother” will know about it and he won’t like you very much for supporting the 2nd Amendment.

What if you go to McDonalds a little “too much?”  How long until Big Brother tries to “fix” you?

I know there are those who argue Americans must give up every last one of their liberties to win our country’s ongoing fight against terrorism.

“Trust us,” they say.

I also know their promises of safety can be tantalizing.

  • But today we know President Obama’s IRS routinely targeted his political opponents and grassroots conservatives.
  • The Justice Department targeted reporters and their families for wiretapping and harassment for daring to criticize the administration.
  • We see the Obama administration covering up Benghazi then tapping Susan Rice — who helped mislead the American people in the wake of that outrage for a promotion.

I’m sorry but “trust us” is out the window.

When the government has the capability to know everything
except the difference between right and wrong, it won’t end well for you and me.

This isn’t a partisan issue.  It’s an American one.

The Obama Administration has shown it just can’t be trusted and they have lost all credibility with the American people.  And they are dead-set on hiding the truth from the American people.  If you and I care at all about the future of our Republic, we need as many folks to stand up and fight back as possible.

“They that can give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”  –Benjamin Franklin

Freedom is messy but it’s far better than the alternative.

– Mike W.
The Patriot Watchmen

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