Bloomberg and Soros Want to Ban Gun Rights in Your Town

Bloomberg and Soros want to ban your gun rights

New York Mayor and billionaire-playboy Michael Bloomberg wants to ban guns in YOUR TOWN. That may sound hard to believe if you’re not from New York or New England.

But Bloomberg is hell-bent on spending his $18 billion fortune to push his radical agenda, even where you live. The problem is, he’s succeeding even in rural states and small towns.  Over 600 Mayors in 40 states have joined Bloomberg’s “Mayors Against Illegal Guns,” and they’re not concerned about crime. They just want to make your guns illegal. Period.

Profiling gun owners like sex offenders and outlawing self-defense in public places are at the top of their to-do list.

Mayors of notorious anti-gun cities like Chicago and Washington, D.C., are key members of Mayors Against Guns. They are successfully exporting their unconstitutional gun control schemes to towns all across the U.S. and yours could be next…

That’s why I hope you’ll take a moment to complete the Gun Rights Survey from National Gun to stop their anti-gun agenda by clicking here: Gun Rights Survey.  We must prove that MILLIONS of gun owners oppose Bloomberg’s massive anti-gun operation.

Mayors Against Guns is ALREADY forcing New York-style gun bans on state and local governments, nationwide. I need you to go on record right now in order to defeat their tireless crusade against the Second Amendment.  Mike Bloomberg is one arrogant character. His New York-style gun control is a miserable failure, but this self-styled “independent leader on national issues” is determined to force his agenda on YOUR town.

Here are just two in a long list of devious anti-gun schemes he is pushing in city councils and state legislatures nationwide:

1.) Banning self-defense in city parks, dark library parking lots and numerous other public places.

Thanks to Mayors Against Guns, the urge to inflict so-called “gun free” zones is spreading like cancer among city politicians and bureaucrats.  Mayors Against Guns is bragging that Seattle, WA, and Atlanta, GA, recently created a host of “gun free” zones. Under pressure from Bloomberg, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and Cheyenne, Wyoming, did the same.  And if it can happen in these pro-gun states, it can happen anywhere.

In reality, “gun free” zones disarm only the law-abiding while gun-toting thugs are free to fire at will.  That’s why I call them “criminal safe-zones.”

2.) Registering gun owners like sex-offenders.

Bloomberg is pushing “gun offender registration,” which entraps law-abiding gun owners for nothing more than possessing a loaded handgun.  Own a semi-auto or a twelve-round magazine? You’re a criminal, and must register with the police every six months or spend a year in jail.

Think this can’t happen to you?

Think again.

Anti-gunners in Colorado recently tried to convert the concealed pistol permit list into a state-wide gun owner registry.  It’s happening in other states, too.

That’s why I hope you’ll complete the Gun Rights Survey right now and pass this message on to your friends and family…

Without your help, Bloomberg and Mayors Against Guns will continue destroying the Second Amendment city by city and state by state.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg. Bloomberg and “Mayors Against Guns” have found a new ally in the National League of Cities.  Billed as a “social welfare” organization, the League is a multi-million dollar machine funded both by your tax dollars and by arch-liberal George Soros.  Yes, I’m talking about the left-wing, America-hating billionaire George Soros who funds the leftist agenda, worldwide.

Little wonder that the National League of Cities’ is ACTIVELY pushing rabid anti-gun measures:

• Registration of all handguns

• Banning semi-automatic firearms

• Cracking down on gun shows

• A thirty-day waiting period on all gun purchases

• Ending the manufacture of magazines holding more than 10-rounds

• Turning parks, libraries and other public places into so-called “gun free” zones.

The National League of Cities is made up of 49 affiliated state Municipal Leagues, who are ACTIVELY working in state legislatures and city councils nationwide.  One of their primary goals is to create an entangling web of “criminal safe-zones,” where law-abiding gun owners can be arrested and jailed for defending themselves.

Just within the last few months, a parade of taxpayer-funded municipal stooges showed up to support city-level gun bans in New Hampshire.

In South Dakota, the state Municipal League is using tax dollars to push for sweeping self-defense bans in city parks, libraries, transit buses and numerous other public places.  The League has also been caught pushing a similar agenda in Pennsylvania, Illinois, Connecticut, Delaware, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Wyoming and Virginia.  These gun rights battles in state capitols and city council chambers nationwide are fierce enough.  But we’re also facing increasing attacks in Washington, D.C., from the National League of Cities and Mayors Against Guns.

They are pushing Congress for a federal “cannot buy registry,” which would strip citizens of their Second Amendment rights at the whim of a Justice Department bureaucrat.

They’re also calling for a new so-called “Assault Weapons Ban,” that targets ALL semi-automatic rifles that NEVER expires, and scheming to shut down gun shows.

That’s why I need you to complete the Gun Rights Survey, TODAY! Join the rest of the National Association for Gun Rights one million members and supporters in standing against Bloomberg, Soros and their billion-dollar gun control schemes.

Won’t you fill out the Gun Rights Survey to help demonstrate that the American people support the right to self-defense?

Go on record today to prove that America opposes the Bloomberg/Soros agenda!

Get involved today or get your guns banned tomorrow!


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