40 Days To Save America

40 Days to Save AmericaWith the 2012 presidential election just around the corner, our nation stands at a critical juncture. Vital issues like the sanctity of life, marriage, Islamic terrorism, a faltering economy and more all hang in the balance. We are faced with two candidates who put forward completely different worldviews across the board.  All around us, we see economic decline, immorality, corruption, growing secular humanism and attacks on religious liberty.

We as people of faith, must take action at this crucial time in history to set our nation back on the right path. If you share our dedication to faith, family, and freedom you can stand with us (and thousands of fellow Christians) by taking the 40 Days To Save America Pledge.

The Christian community can be the determining factor in what could be a very close election. However, we can only have this lasting impact by turning out in record numbers. That’s why the 40 Days To Save America Pledge is so important as Christians band together to stand up, speak up, and never give up!

God has called us (the Church of Jesus Christ) to be the stewards of this great nation in which we live.  Our Savior commanded us to “Occupy until I return” and to “Be salt and light” in the this bitter and dark world. We must engage our culture and STOP hiding within the walls of our churches praying that God will make everything alright while we do nothing before we lose EVERYTHING. It’s time to TAKE BACK OUR NATION and RESTORE God’s values back to our culture, our families and our government.

There’s been far too much dancing in the aisles of our churches lately and not enough weeping at the alter.

If we want change in our nation then it begins with us…

God has a specific message for his church concerning the nations in which we live as His people, “If my people (the Church), who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” – 2 Chronicles 7:14

You see, God is talking to you, if you are a Christian then you are His people who are called by His name.

If you want to save America then that means that you must humble yourself before God and pray and seek His face.  This doesn’t mean just on Sundays, this means that you must diligently seek out God and pursue Him and submit to His authority as your Lord.

If you want to save America then that means that you as a Christian must turn from your wicked ways.  You must stop being filled with pride and arrogance and selfishness.  You must stop lying and cursing and you must stop gossiping about people behind their backs.  This means you must stop looking at pornography and lusting in your heart after your neighbor’s husband or wife.  You must stop having sex outside of marriage and living together outside of wedlock. This means that you must stop worshiping idols of vanity and pleasure and stop taking God’s name in vain.

Our nation is on the same road as ancient Rome and we will suffer the same fate if we don’t turn back right now!

Are you willing to come out of Babylon and actually be the true Church of Jesus Christ or are you going to be a cowardly, apathetic, worldly Christian who disgraces the image of Jesus Christ before a watching and dieing world.  It’s time to stop playing church and start being the Church.  But to do this, there is a price to be paid and I dare say that most of you aren’t willing to pay the price of the Cross.

I hope that you will prove me wrong… watch this video to learn more.


For 40 days leading up to Election Day, we will humble ourselves before the Lord, and cry out to him with one voice to save America. Commit to observe 40 days of prayer, fasting and action from September 28 through November 6. The details of the 40-day observance can be found at www.40DaysToSaveAmerica.com.


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