40 Days to Save America: Day 34

40 Days to Save America: Day 34 PrayerWe ask, Lord, for Your divine solutions for America’s moral and financial rebirth.

Lord, we plead for You to lead us to Godly, inspired and creative solutions for our out–of–control relationship with money and debt. We ask You to restore ethics, morality and fair dealings to business, labor and government.

We pray for those in business, finance, economics and government to recognize and adopt Your principles and priorities, asking that You prosper and give favor to those who do.

We ask You Lord, to restore us to full adherence to fiscal responsibility in the public and private sectors.

We ask for a system of fair taxes that supports appropriate government services while encouraging economic opportunity. We pray for the rebirth and restoration of free market principles.

We especially ask You to bless Christians in the work of their hands. Guard their hearts and minds from greed and allow them favor as they conduct their business.

Lord, we ask You to cultivate in us an “attitude of gratitude” about provisions of life gained and shared honorably, and give us the strength to resist a culture of materialism and covetousness.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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