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40 Days to Save America: Day 34 Prayer

40 Days to Save America: Day 34

We ask, Lord, for Your divine solutions for America’s moral and financial rebirth. Lord, we plead for You to lead us to Godly, inspired and creative solutions for our out–of–control relationship with money and debt. We ask You to restore ethics, morality and fair dealings to business, labor and government. We pray for those in […]

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Why Mitt Romney is So Unlikable

Why is Mitt Romney so Unlikable? A lot is being said in the mainstream media about Mitt Romney not being “likable” or that he doesn’t “relate well” to people. Frankly, we struggled to understand why. So after much research, we have come up with a Top Ten List to explain this “unlikablility.” Top Ten Reasons […]

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40 Days to Save America: Day 33

Father, we ask for Your help in reclaiming our culture from the strongholds of the enemy, praying for You to strengthen, broaden and deepen Christian influence on the culture. We admit to often being discouraged at a growingly irreverent culture that flagrantly abuses Your Holy Name, mocks the Cross, and easily buys into the lies […]

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Obama’s War on Religion

Obama’s War on Religion: Another Reason to Fire Him on November 6th

ObamaCare has been ruled legal and the floodgates are now open and Christian businesses and churches being forced to pay for abortions and contraceptives is only the beginning. Does religious liberty still exist in America? It won’t if Barack Obama gets four more years to continue his war on our religious liberties. On October 31st, […]

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Vote Biblical Values

Why I Vote?

My wife and I recently participated in early voting and we chose our candidates for the next president and vice president of the United States! I vote because I have a voice. I vote because it is our duty as citizens of this great nation to participate in preserving our republic.  I vote because I […]

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40 Days to Save America: Day 31 Prayer

40 Days to Save America: Day 31

Thank You, Father, for forefathers who established this country on the fact that You created all of us equal. We pray for racial reconciliation, and we ask that true healing begin in the church. May the watching world see how, under the banner of Christ, true unity can be found. Heal the wounds of our […]

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40 Days to Save America: Day 29 Prayer.

40 Days to Save America: Day 30

Lord God, we pray for healing and restoration of true manhood and womanhood in America. We ask for Your wisdom and protection against attempts to re-define our very identity as men and women. We pray for Your design for abundant and fulfilled manhood, womanhood and marriage to gain preeminence in America. We pray for a […]

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40 Days to Save America: Day 29 Prayer

40 Days to Save America: Day 29

Father God, we pray for Your hand to be upon the healing and restoration of marriage and marriages in America. We ask You to quicken us to the importance of marriage as You defined it. We ask You to lead husbands and wives in how best to love one another. We pray that the union […]

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THE SANCTITY OF HUMAN LIFE: Another Reason to Fire Obama

Barack Obama is the most pro-abortion president that we have ever had.  While he was a state Senator in Illinois he even voted twice in support of full-term, after birth abortions.  This means that he supports the killing of a baby even after it has been born. Since the passing of the controversial abortion law, […]

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40 Days to Save America: Day 28 Prayer

40 Days to Save America: Day 28

Lord, we pray for America’s mothers and fathers to live honorably, and for children to honor their fathers and mothers. Help us to honor and care for our elderly. Lead us to cherish and protect marital fidelity, preserving the foundation of families and the nation. Protect our children, Lord, from the sins of their parents. […]

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